new boating trends in 2018

Image shows the amazing St Lawrence Barge Yachts. Take a tour here.

The open water and an adventurous spirit are always on-trend.

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What else is hot in the boating world this year? It’s no surprise 2024’s top boating trends mirror many of those we see in other aspects of our lives.

Mobile Mania

Need to check in with friends and family? Connect with coworkers? Order tickets? Find a ride or your way through unfamiliar streets? Mobile’s the anytime, (virtually) anywhere answer. Even on the water.

Today’s boaters, from those who were born with sea legs to landlubbers newly-converted, use their devices to navigate, find fish (or the restaurants that serve the best fish!), book slips, rent or buy vessels, and much more.

Best, they don’t have to invest in bulky, budget-busting multifunctional displays to do it.

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Social at Sea (and on Fresh Water Too!)

It’s hard not to become intrigued in boating when we see all those gorgeous Instagram shots, Facebook livestreams, and Pinterest boards. Boaters have always shared, whether it’s rigging tips or sandbars to avoid, social media is the next step in this openness.

Look for more pointers, how-tos, and videos on the water. Apps like Wavve also make it easy to share key information and connect with other boaters.

The community is eager to share their experiences — from boat renovations to parties to images of every water adventure under the sun — and fellow boaters will use this as inspiration to plan their next outing.

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At Home on the Water

More boaters are decking their vessels out in style. Thanks to today’s advanced materials and design elements, you can enhance your nautical experience with a fresh look.

Boost your decor with LED lighting, durable flooring, fun fabrics, and an array of vibrant colours to complement your own personal taste. Perfect for adding the right touch of luxury, pizzazz, and personality to parties, dates, and solo voyages alike!

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From Carry to Wear-y

Carrying technology puts a world of information in your hands. Wearing it, well… that frees up your hands to take the helm, handle rigging, fish, or simply relax and sip your iced-tea. Wearable tech creates a seamless bond between you and the environment you’re navigating.

While popular with fitness buffs, wearables also allow boaters to access maps and charts, track weather, wind, and water depth, monitor engine RPM and other functions, seek emergency help, and much more.

While watches are the most common wearable, look for shirts, glasses, and other options on the horizon.

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Blue Skies, Green Tech

Boaters enjoy nature’s finest, and we want to keep it that way! Many new environmentally-conscious products are in development as we speak. When fully realized, and priced to move, we can minimize our impact on the water and the life it supports.

With more efficient engines, lighter hulls, solar panels, and durable lithium batteries, for example, the future of boating will be cleaner, greener, and meaner (as in amazing!) than ever.

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These boating trends are here to stay! Are you on board?

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