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How to Video Guides

Map basics & how to change your draft

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Learn the basics of making the Wavve Boating map your own. You’ll learn how to change your draft/map style & filters.

Update your map depths to real-time measurements

(New Video Coming Soon)

Learn how to update your map depths to your local tide/water level station.

Navigation features 101

(New Video Coming Soon)

Learn how to use auto routing, manual plotting and trip recording. We’ll also cover the basics how loading these routes onto your map.

Search for destinations

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Learn how to find your destinations via Wavve Boatings search tool. We’ll cover both single destination searches and category searches.

Add to the Wavve Boating map

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Learn how to mark points on the Wavve Boating map either privately or publicly. Also, see how you can contribute to ‘Wavve Points’ created by other boaters.

Account Management

If you acquire a subscription through the app stores:

Your Wavve Boating trial/subscription is tied to your Apple ID/Google Play Account. You can use a single Wavve Boating subscription on multiple phones/tablets provided you are logged into the same account Apple ID or Google Play Account. We also allow family sharing for Apple customers.

If you acquire a subscription through the Wavve Boating website:

Provided you log into the same Wavve Boating account, you can use this subscription on any device.

Please contact us at, and we’ll be happy to assist in deleting all of your account data.

Please proceed within Wavve Boating:

  • Tap ‘Menu’
  • Tap ‘Membership’
  • Here you can see the basics of your membership including an option to ‘Cancel’

You will then be brought to the appropriate page to manage your subscription through Apple/Google/Web

Alternatively, If you want more information on how to manage and cancel a subscription, please follow the links below.

Apple User Subscription Management

Android User Subscription Management

Web Subscription Management

How to Redeem a Promo Code

To apply your promotional discount please visit If you already have a Wavve Boating account, please tap ‘Login’ on this page.

In the ‘Promo code’ field enter the code provided.

Please proceed with the listed steps on the screen to checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wavve Boating map is an interactive, digital nautical chart. The map shows water depth, important buoys, shipwrecks, and dangers. To make boating easier for you we have areas tinted red to indicate bodies of water that are shallower than the draft of your boat. Draft = vertical distance from the top of the water to the bottom of your boat.

Within the map, you can zoom in for more details, tap on icons for more relevant information, see your direction and speed, view tidal variations, and see the weather forecast. For more information, check out our video tutorial about Map Basics.

Maybe! We are constantly expanding our chart coverage. To find out if chart data has extended to your favorite waterways, visit and navigate to your area. If there is chart data available, you will see water depth information and buoys on the map. If there is no chart data, you will see the text “Limited or no nautical chart data in this area.”

Data is not required for the app, but a GPS capable device is necessary. To use the charts offline follow these steps:

  1. Open the app while connected to the internet and view the areas you wish to travel. The app will cache that locations chart data for later use.
  2. Once you are out on the water, open Wavve Boating, and you will have access to the chart data in the areas that were cached.

However, without an internet connection, some features will have limited functionality (Ex. sharing Wavve Points or trips.)

Report a bug/Issue

Thank you for helping us improve! If you have noted a bug, issue, or would like to provide any feedback, please email us at Our team will get back to you within 48hours (probably sooner).