Essential Boating Safety Equipment

Wavve Boating’s Essential Boating Equipment

It’s boating season, gather your boating equipment and hit the water!   As the weather gets warmer, everyone at Wavve Boating is thinking only of getting on the water as fast as possible. It’s not quite the boating season at the Wavve office, but we’ve decided to be as ready as possible when the all-clear arrives.

So we’re stocking up the boat, checking it twice and cleaning it up real nice. We thought you might be interested in what we consider essentials for boating. And don’t worry, it’s not ANOTHER list of boating safety equipment.

The Top Essential Boating Safety Equipment

Ok, so I lied. But stick with me, and we’ll get to the good stuff soon enough. I only want to mention the essential safety gear.

Coast guard approved life jackets, or wearable personal floatation devices are must-haves. It’s the law, but I also think it is the most important thing to check each year. Out on the water things go bad quickly, and if you’re not wearing a life jacket at all times, make sure that they are stored in an easy to access location. Kids, however, should wear a life jacket at all times.

In a similar vein, throwable floatation devices are crucial. If, for whatever reason, you can’t reach that life jacket in time, a floatation device can suffice. Many even double as cushions for your seat.

Fire extinguishers. I know what you’re thinking, “but there is water all around.” Just look up throwing water on an oil fire. You’ll want a fire extinguisher.

Visual and audio signaling devices. If you’re in the dark, it’s good to have flares or a high powered flashlight for signaling (make sure it is waterproof). Or if it is daylight, flags, horns or whistles are helpful

medical kit stored in a waterproof container should be stocked at all times to deal with cuts, scrapes, seasickness, and small emergencies. I like to throw some extra sunscreen in there as well because skin health matters too, and I always forget mine in the car. I cannot stress enough the need for a pair of heavy-duty scissors. Useful for bandages and so much more.

Finally, something that you probably all have anyway: a cell phone or radio (I prefer both just in case). I know everyone on the boat probably brought their cell phone, but make sure at least one communication device is waterproof so that if you do need to call for help, there is something that works.

Boating Equipment You Should Have

Now we can delve into the equipment that the team at Wavve thinks you should have. These items are not required for safety, but they’re good to have on hand.

First, a bucket. I know, not an exciting start. You probably have one, but if not, get a large bucket. It will be useful for bailing (though let’s hope it never comes to that), storing items (I like to keep extra rope in there) and so much more.

Oars and paddles. If you break down or run out of gas (it happens to everyone), you’ll be thankful to have a paddle on board. Even if your boat is large, it’s a means of moving towards the shore or out of the way of obstacles.

Next on our list is an anchor and line. While it seems like a no brainer, you want to make sure that your anchor and line are in good shape. Check it out while getting ready for the season and replace the line if you see any sign of wear.

In the vein of checking on items you already have, take the time to make sure your battery is charged. After sitting all winter, it’s never certain that your battery works, so check it before you install it. I’ve known many people who were a little gung ho to get back on the water and didn’t bother to test their battery only to end up jumping it at the boat ramp (and that’s embarassing). After testing your battery, throw it in your boat and make sure all of your running lights are working as well.

This next piece of boating equipment may seem strange, but I swear the day will come when you’ll be thankful to have it. Goggles are extremely helpful. If something is stuck under your boat, you can easily swim underneath and take a look. The kids on board will also love it if you stop to swim for a bit.

The last few boating supplies you need onboard are a toolbox and tools. This is the perfect storage place for many of the items we listed above. Get a waterproof container to store phones, signaling equipment, a medical kit, and tools. Make sure to get at least a knife and a pair of scissors. Those will be useful in any situation. We also recommend any tools needed to make minor fixes to the boat or boating equipment. But don’t use the tools you like. Grab some old tools or pick up some from goodwill. I’ve lost plenty to the watery depths.

Boating Equipment We Would Not Go Without

I know it’s a long list, but no one here at Wavve would leave home without any of those items. So now it’s time for what we wouldn’t WANT to go boating without. The boating equipment and gadgets that make it more fun.

I would never forget my Bluetooth speakers. Nothing beats cruising around on a warm day, listening to your favorite playlist or radio station. It just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Just as important as speakers is a cooler. Once I’m out on the water, I’m not coming in till the day is over. A cooler stocked with food and drinks lets me spend as much time as possible on the boat.

camera is also necessary. A day on the water is likely to make others smile, and capturing those memories will be appreciated. But it’s not only about the people your with. If you’re just cruising around there is a good chance you can grab some pictures of wildlife.

I know everything in this list seems pretty simple, but more often than not it’s the simple things that get left behind. If you’d like to be more prepared on the water, check out Wavve Boating on IOS or Android, or visit