Waze for boaters

For  the weekend water warrior who is looking to avoid the unexpected when boating, Wavve Boating’s marine navigation app  allows mariners to navigate with confidence, connect with their community, and expand their boating comfort zone.

Miami Florida, May 30th, 2019 — In time for the start of summer, Wavve Boating is announcing the release of two new highly anticipated features: Fleets of Friends, and Community Trips. Similar to Waze™, Wavve Boating allows users to contribute information directly to a map interface, which interlaces more than 2000 nautical charts across North America. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play App stores and includes nautical chart coverage for major bodies of water in the United States and Canada.

Wavve Boating is tackling a couple problems any mariner, particularly new ones, face – knowing where NOT to go, and what to do when out on the water.

The Wavve Boating app provides the freedom to have fun. Wavve Boating has simplified the whole nautical chart reading process with customized and intuitive nautical charts. You choose your draft and Wavve Boating redraws the chart data with your boat in mind, recommending everywhere your boat CAN go in blue, and everywhere you can’t, in red.

The newest features to the app, allows boaters to create their own ‘Fleets’ of friends – easily see who’s out on the water and where, making meeting up a breeze – and participate in Community Trips. Wavve Boating has built the first EVER repository of community generated, shared, and reviewed tracks i.e Trips. Operating similar to Strava™, mariners can browse, preview, and follow proven trips taken by vessels with a similar draft (depth into water), instead of planning a new trip of their own.

Within United States and Canada, there are 17 million registered recreational boats, and the industry is growing at 5% per year. Wavve Boating is tailored to a younger generation that has seen less boat ownership, but similar rates of boating participation when compared to older generations. This millenial market has seen the success of apps like Waze™ and Strava™ that focus on the value of community sourced information. As stated by Adam Allore, CEO and Founder of Wavve Boating – “There is so much on-the-water knowledge, but it is in everyone’s heads. This industry needs a proper crowd sourcing platform, and that’s what we are providing at Wavve Boating”.

Wavve Boating is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store via two subscription options of $4.99/month or $24.99/year. New users are offered a 14 day trial to see if the app is a fit for them.

About Wavve Boating

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Wavve Boating (Wavve) is a mobile application designed for the recreational boater. With nautical charts from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Canadian Hydrographic Services, Wavve has been growing their consumer base across North America since May of 2018. Available on all Apple and Android devices, Wavve offers a simple platform so anyone can boat like a local. For more information visit https://wavveboating.com.