Boca Chita

Miami, Florida

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Boca Chita Boating Guide

Boca Chita stands out as a prime destination within Biscayne National Park, drawing visitors with its iconic 65-foot tall lighthouse constructed in the 1930s by Mark Honeywell. The island offers a unique docking experience with cleated bulkheads available for boaters. Upon arrival, boaters can explore the island’s attractions, including a half-mile trail leading to the historic lighthouse and pavilion. While Boca Chita provides camping and picnic grounds, it’s essential to note the absence of sinks, showers, or potable water on the island, ensuring visitors come prepared for their stay.

Navigating to Boca Chita is made straightforward with the aid of maps and navigation tools, ensuring boaters can safely reach this renowned destination within Biscayne National Park. Boaters can enjoy a blend of history and natural beauty, immersing themselves in the captivating landscapes and historic landmarks that define Boca Chita as a must-visit location for boating enthusiasts.

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Boating to Boca Chita

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