Crab Island

Destin, Florida

Top Boating Destination


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Crab Island Boating Guide

Nestled in Choctawhatchee Bay, Crab Island stands as Destin’s premier boating hotspot, beckoning sun-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Despite its name, Crab Island isn’t an island but a submerged sandbar that emerges as a bustling aquatic playground during low tide. Boaters flock to this vibrant destination to bask in the sun, mingle with fellow travelers, and indulge in the array of delights offered by floating vendors, including ice cream, coconuts, and BBQ.

For families and friends seeking aquatic adventures, Crab Island offers an unforgettable experience. From floating bars and restaurants to inflatable playgrounds, there’s no shortage of entertainment options for visitors of all ages. Whether sliding down a pontoon’s water slide or relaxing on a lily pad, Crab Island promises endless fun and relaxation amidst the pristine waters of Destin. With amenities ranging from food boats to souvenir shops, Crab Island ensures that every boating excursion is filled with excitement and cherished memories, making it a must-visit destination for boaters exploring the waters of Choctawhatchee Bay.

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Boating to Crab Island

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