Elliot Key

Miami, Florida

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Elliot Key Boating Guide

Elliot Key stands as the premier destination within Biscayne National Park, boasting a rich history once bustling with pioneers engaged in pineapple farming, sponging, and fishing. Today, it offers a serene paradise for swimming, picnicking, camping, and wildlife observation. Boaters navigating to Elliot Key can enjoy 36 dock slips for convenient mooring, along with options for anchoring in its pristine waters. For those preferring to explore ashore, the island features picnic sites equipped with barbecue grills, a designated swimming area, and a scenic 1-mile loop trail for leisurely walks. Cold water showers and fresh drinking water facilities ensure a comfortable stay for visitors, while boat ramps and docks provide easy access for boating enthusiasts.

Elliot Key’s allure as a top boating destination is enhanced by its stunning natural beauty and recreational amenities. Whether paddling along its picturesque shoreline, fishing in its abundant waters, or simply unwinding amidst its tranquil surroundings, Elliot Key offers an unforgettable experience for boaters year-round. Visitors are advised to bring bug spray and gear, particularly during warmer months, making November through early April the optimal time to explore this captivating island paradise within Biscayne National Park.

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Boating to Elliot Key

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