Haulover Sandbar

Miami, Florida

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Haulover Sandbar Boating Guide

Haulover Sandbar, nestled in North Miami within Haulover Cut and just a stone’s throw from Haulover Beach Marina, emerges as a must-visit destination for boating enthusiasts. As the tide recedes, this sandy haven unveils itself, surrounded by tranquil shallows measuring 2-3 feet deep. Renowned as the “Margaritaville” for day boaters, Haulover Sandbar caters to a diverse crowd, offering family-friendly activities alongside lively weekend gatherings. It’s a hotspot where everyone can find something to enjoy, from floating “”food trucks”” delivering meals via kayak to vibrant boat parties that epitomize Miami’s energetic spirit.

The allure of Haulover Sandbar lies in its inviting turquoise waters and vibrant atmosphere, drawing sailors, tourists, and revelers alike. Situated in Miami Beach, Florida, it stands as an emblem of natural beauty and leisure. Accessible only by boat from Bal Harbour Marina or Haulover Beach Marina, this hidden gem offers a unique experience amidst the waves. With its shallow depths ideal for children and ample space for boat parties, Haulover Sandbar promises unforgettable moments for those seeking sun-soaked adventures and lively aquatic gatherings.

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Boating to Haulover Sandbar

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