Key Largo Sandbar

Key West, Florida

Top Boating Destination


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Key Largo Sandbar Boating Guide

Welcome to the Key Largo Sandbar, also known as “Mosquito Bank,” the best boating destination in Key West, offering a comprehensive guide for recreational boaters. Navigate the crystal-clear waters with confidence, using the provided map to explore the various sandbars and shallow areas that make Mosquito Bank a popular hangout spot in the Florida Keys.

Boat navigation to Mosquito Bank is an adventure in itself, with a navigational beacon tower marking the inland side of the sand and mud patches. This boating guide ensures that water enthusiasts can gather, party, grill, float, swim, scuba dive, or snorkel in the stunning surroundings of the sandbar. Accessible by navigating out of South Creek or South Sound Creek Channel, Mosquito Bank offers depths ranging from 0 ft. to approximately 25 feet, depending on tide conditions. Be sure to get boating directions Key Largo in the Wavve Boating App. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or seeking a relaxing day on the water, Key Largo Sandbar is the perfect destination for boaters looking to enjoy the warm weather and crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys.

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Boating to Key Largo Sandbar

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