Swim Spot – Sagistawika Island

1000 Islands, Ontario

Top Boating Destination


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Sagistawika Island Boating Guide

Nestled within the Thousand Islands archipelago, Sagistawika Island emerges as a premier destination for recreational boaters seeking an unforgettable adventure. As one of the 1,864 unique islands scattered across the St. Lawrence River, Sagistawika Island offers a picturesque retreat amidst the stunning natural beauty of the region. Drop anchor and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings, where lush landscapes and tranquil waters create an idyllic backdrop for exploration and relaxation.

Boaters navigating the waters of the Thousand Islands will find Sagistawika Island to be a standout destination, offering unparalleled opportunities for scenic swims and nature-filled experiences. Explore the island’s pristine shores and discover its hidden treasures, making memories that will last a lifetime. Sagistawika Island beckons adventurers to indulge in the beauty of the Thousand Islands and promises an unforgettable boating experience amidst the captivating landscapes of this remarkable archipelago.

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Boating to Sagistawika Island

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