Owning a boat is more than just an investment; it’s a gateway to freedom on the open water.

But let’s be real—navigating the waters isn’t always smooth sailing. From the threat of severe weather to the potential for break-ins and breakdowns, boat owners can face a variety of challenges.

The good news is, keeping an eye on your vessel doesn’t need to be stressful!

That’s where a boat security and monitoring system comes in—it’s like your boat’s dedicated bodyguard. In this article, we’re sharing how these systems don’t just provide security; they give you total peace of mind, making sure your boat stays safe even when you’re away.

The Impact of Boat Security and Monitoring

Boat security and monitoring systems are a triple threat. They help in preventing damage and theft, while preserving your wallet and peace of mind.

1 – Protect Against Theft: Boat theft can be a significant concern for boat owners, especially during the off-season when boats are stored in marinas or on trailers. With door/window sensors, motion sensors, and sirens, a boat security system scares off would-be thieves, while the built-in GPS tracker helps recover the vessel if it is stolen.

2 – Prevent Damage: Boat monitoring systems help prevent damage caused by environmental factors like high winds, waves, and storms by detecting changes in the boat’s position and alerting you to potential issues. By letting you know when action is needed, you can catch things like leaks, humidity issues, temperature changes, and damage before they become expensive problems.

3 – Detect Safety Issues Early: A boat monitoring system also detects early signs of safety issues such as fire or water intrusion, which could put you, your vessel, and your passengers at risk. With real-time alerts to your phone, boat monitoring systems let you take swift action and ensure the safety of everyone.

All of these things together bring peace of mind whether you live on your boat, leave it at the marina, or are simply going ashore for the day.

How does a remote boat monitoring system work?

A remote boat monitoring system works like this: external sensors chat with a central hub that’s installed on your boat. This hub then shares the sensor info with an app on your phone, tablet, or computer using cellular or satellite connections. You can set up text messages, push notifications, or emails to receive instant alerts.


With a system like BRNKL, batteries, shore power, and bilge pumps are just a few of the onboard systems that can be monitored. Data points like pitch, heel, location, temperature and impact are always tracked. Security accessories like cameras and sensors can be added to create a customized surveillance system.

Built into BRNKL is a global SIM card that lets you roam freely and stay connected. If you’re going offshore, a satellite ensures connectivity in even the most remote areas.


Think of it like having someone watch over your boat to let you know if anything goes wrong. Here are a few examples of alerts you could get when a BRNKL is installed on your boat:

  • Bilge Alert: If your bilge is working overtime, this is your sign to check and make sure there’s not a leak.
  • Door Open: Know when a door or window has been opened, and set off a siren or have your camera get a picture of what’s happening onboard.
  • Location Alert: If your anchor drags beyond your safety zone, get notified immediately so you don’t lose your boat.
  • Humidity Alert: Know when your humidity gets too high and it’s time to check for mold or water-related issues.

Here’s an example of how the BRNKL location alerts saved a catamaran from drifting toward damage:

“BRNKL just saved our home. We had been anchored in this spot for several days and BRNKL was showing our position as staying inside our geofence, so I was sure we had a good anchor hold. We had been gone maybe 40 minutes or so when my phone notified me that our boat had left the geofence. I was like, ‘Holy crap…we’re dragging..!’

We raced back to the dinghy. Zipped across the channel. Boarded our boat and powered up the engines to reset the anchor. Seriously, we are between two very large bridges and if the anchor didn’t reset on its own, our Cat would have been seriously damaged..! Add another mark to the ‘Boats Saved’ tally board..!!”

Anchor alarm geofence

DIY solutions for increased boat security

If you’re looking for something simple to kickstart your boat security and monitoring journey, here are a few DIY ideas:

  • Outboard Motor Alarm Lock: This device emits a loud sound if tampered with, serving as an effective deterrent for thieves.
  • SmartPlug: For when your boat is tied up at the dock, a SmartPlug offers weatherproof seals and strong electrical connectivity to lower the risk of your shore power being affected, saving you from further electrical issues.
  • High Water Alarm: This simple device provides early detection, preventing extensive damage to your boat.

Stress-free boating awaits

Boat security and monitoring monitoring isn’t just about responding to incidents; it’s about preventing them altogether. When you can keep tabs on your vessel 24/7 through your phone, protecting your boat becomes easy!

To learn more about BRNKL, visit their website: https://www.brnkl.io/