Wavve Clubs: A Guide

Member and Community Management

In addition to all the other aspects of running a successful boat organization, educating and onboarding members to be confident on the water is time-consuming and requires multiple methods and tools.

Wavve Clubs makes must-have knowledge easily accessible to members, so they can boat better and safer. Turn all club members into ideal customers by consolidating and simplifying how you manage your member’s experience on the water.

Common Terms:

Wavve Points are unique locations that clubs or users can create and add onto the Wavve Boating map. Add Wavve Points anywhere on the map, customized with helpful information, and shared with the members of your club.

Routes are premade paths that users can access and follow in the Wavve Boating app. Guide members to popular destinations, along sightseeing locations, through difficult to navigate areas, and more.

Announcements – Send messages directly to Club members in the Wavve Boating app.

License – Licenses act as pre-paid subscriptions to Wavve Boating to distribute to club members.


Visibility (Public or Private)

A Public Club can be searched for within the Wavve Boating app, where app users can either automatically join, or request to join, based on Access setting.

A Private Club can not be searched for within the Wavve Boating app, and members can only gain access by email invitation through the Clubs platform.

Access (Open or Request)

An Open Club will allow any Wavve Boating user to join your club automatically if they choose to do so within the app.

A Request Club will send you, the Club Owner, a notification if someone from within Wavve Boating has requested to join your Club. You will have the option to accept/deny their access.

Wavve Clubs has three subscription tiers. Free, Essential, and Elite.

Free – At no cost, the Free plan allows anyone to create a Club and invite members to join but has limited functionality. The free plan limits the number of Wavve Points and Routes available to the club and does not include announcements.

Essential – for $89.00 USD per month, organizations can access the essential plan. This plan gives clubs 50 Wavve Boating licenses (app subscriptions to distribute to members), the ability to add 50 Wavve Points, add 50 Routes, and send announcements. Club members can redeem a Wavve Boating license for free access to the Wavve Boating app.

Elite – Starting at $121 USD per month, Elite clubs can create unlimited Wavve Points, add unlimited Routes, send announcements, and offer Wavve Licenses to their members. The elite plan works on a sliding scale, depending on the number of Wavve Boating licenses an organization needs for its members.

All paid plans include a 30-day free trial so you can test-drive the platform. Try it today at https://clubs.wavveboating.com or contact kyle@wavveboating.com for more information.

Just Wavve Clubs, a list of member emails, and a catchy name!

Signing up for Wavve Clubs creates the club right away. Enter the Club name, your approximate location, and a brief description. Set the accessibility requirements to keep a club private, or allow any Wavve Boating app user can find and request access to the club.

After creating the club, pick the plan that works best for you (each paid plan includes a 30-day free trial) and start adding members!

You can add members one at a time or upload a list of member emails.

First, click on Members in the main menu and select Upload List for a bulk upload or Add new member to add members one at a time. After adding the member emails, the email will appear in the list below with their group status (Invite Sent will show immediately after being added). Once you add an email, we (Wavve Boating) contact the member to let them know that they now have access to the Wavve Boating app AND are part of your exclusive group. They only need to download Wavve and sign up with their email to get started.

Watch the video tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-r4V8Gm4AQ

As many as you want!

There is no member limit to a group. A group can have as many members as are willing to join! However, these members need to have a Wavve Boating subscription to access the content in a group.

If the organization purchases an Essential or Elite plan, they are given a number of Wavve Boating licenses that they can distribute to their members. These licenses will provide members will free access to the Wavve Boating app but are limited to 50 licenses for the Essential Plan, or 100+ licenses for the Elite plan (in line with flexible pricing from the Elite Plan).

To add a custom location (Wavve Points) to the map, hover over Wavve Points and select Add.

To interact with the Wavve Clubs map, click and drag the cursor to pan around the map, and use the + and buttons to zoom in and out (or use the scroll wheel on the mouse). Locate the position that a Wavve Point should be added and left-click. A blue pin will appear on the map, and the Add Wavve Point sidebar will open on the left side of the page.

Select the appropriate Point Type that will best match the location. Then add a descriptive name, image, notes, and other important information (slips available, holding, protection, etc.). Try to share what a member might expect when boating up to the location to make every visit safer or more enjoyable (i.e. X is located in a high traffic area, Try the burgers!, or Look below for a sunken ship).

Once the information is complete, click Save point info.

View and edit existing Wavve Points after creation. Hover over Wavve Points in the top menu bar and select View. Click on any Wavve Point to edit the information or delete the point.

Watch the video tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXW_TpWQ32U

Routes are preplanned trips that are plotted in advance and can be accessed by member time and time again. These could include a path through difficult to navigate areas, trips from the dock to a favorite beach or restaurant, or a leisurely sightseeing cruise around town. To create a route, first:

Hover on Routes in the main menu and select Add to start a new route. Now plot a route by placing waypoints.. Tap on the map to add a waypoint, and click and drag to move the map. Tap Undo to remove the last placed waypoint.

Add a description so members know what to expect on the trip, how long it will take to complete, and anything they might see along the way. Save the route to share it with members. Existing routes can be viewed by hovering on Routes and tapping View.

Watch the video tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfnzMS2RCeA

Yes! Clubs can send messages to members via the Wavve Boating app. Send the messages in real-time to inform members about events, wind and wave conditions, potentially hazardous weather updates, or say hello. Use the Announcements tab to send a message to the entire club.

Get on the horn! It’s that easy. Click Announcements in the main menu to see previous club announcements or create a new one.  Click Create New Announcement and choose a subject line, the recipient, and then write your message.

When the announcement is ready, click send to deliver it to members via the Wavve Boating app, and it will appear as a popup on their app screen.

Watch the video tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li9OillEFsg

Video Guides

Need more assistance? Contact us for support anytime at community@wavveboating.com