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Wavve Boating and Florida Ski Riders Partner to Empower Members and PWC Enthusiasts Across North America

If you have not had a chance to ride a Jet Ski, you are missing out. Riding along the waves with the wind and the ocean spray rushing past is one of the best feelings of freedom. That is why Wavve Boating is excited to announce a new partnership with Florida Ski Riders, the largest personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiast group in the United States, to enhance the group’s community experience on and off the water.


Who Are the Florida Ski Riders


A lifestyle brand dedicated to Jet Ski enthusiasts, the Florida Ski Riders, founded by Randy Cabrera, has grown to over 20,000 members strong. They organize large group rides across Florida that typically draw 200+ riders from all over the United States. Florida Ski Riders take it upon themselves to discover and promote the best places to ride, tips for beginners, as well as the latest PWC news to help connect and bring PWC lovers together.


In the face of COVID-19, Florida Ski Riders decided to hold off on any of their large excursions in Florida planned for 2020. While the Florida Ski Riders team prepares for new rides in 2021, the partnership with Wavve Boating has allowed them to share some of their best routes, locations, and days on the water digitally.


A Union of App and Jet Ski


The partnership has offered all Florida Ski Rider members an extended trial of Wavve Boating. With the app, Riders can share their favorite spots on the water, including beaches, waterfront restaurants, scenic lookouts, and more, creating a digital alternative for recording and sharing information one would typically learn face to face from a fellow Rider. Members can collaborate in building custom maps with numerous points of interest, and choose whether to keep contributions private, share them with friends, or make them public for the entire community.


It is not only about building a map of shared interests. Wavve Boatings custom route planning capabilities are ideal for charting a course and sharing it with your friends. While the Florida Ski Riders can not make the group rides together, they can share the route so that any Rider can take advantage of some open water on their own.


“Wavve Boating has allowed us to connect with the riders on and off the water and share new riding areas with detailed routes,” stated Randy Cabrera. “It has become an invaluable tool for our group rides. We can now provide a full pre-planned route with tips, notes and photos prior to each event.”


The Rise of the Ski


People are looking for new, outdoor recreational hobbies during COVID-19 restrictions, and many of them are discovering PWCs for the first time. In recent months, the demand for PWCs skyrocketed. Sales increased by 75% from the previous year (reported by the National Marine Manufacturers Association), which accounts for a quarter of all new boat sales. Many of these purchases are new buyers, dipping their feet into the world of recreational boating for the first time.


The partnership between Florida Ski Riders and Wavve Boating started as a way to help their community grow and thrive, supporting their efforts by making it easier to connect during these challenging times. However, it is also an opportunity for both organizations to further their understanding of what is most important to the average ski rider.


“It’s incredible to work with Randy and the team at Florida Ski Riders as we have a shared passion for being on the water,” stated Adam Allore, Founder and CEO of Wavve Boating. “Some of my earliest memories are from the back of a Jet Ski. I’m proud that the team and I at Wavve Boating can support this growing activity that has become a way to escape and relax for many.”


About Florida Ski Riders

Florida Ski Riders is one of the largest personal watercraft communities hosting group rides, featuring new riding areas, PWC products, news and much more. Dedicated to all personal watercraft enthusiasts whether they ride a Sea-Doo, Yamaha Waverunner or Kawasaki Jet Ski, Florida Ski Riders is a place to connect with other riders and learn about new areas to explore. To learn more, visit