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The marine industry has seen a lot of recent development this month. See some of the outstanding discoveries and latest boating news below.

Tim Hortons boat drive thru Photo Credit: City News

New Twist On A Drive-Thru

Tim Horton’s recently tested out a unique twist on the traditional drive-thru with an all-new Boat-Thru. It was available exclusively on Lake Scugog in Central Ontario, Canada. Not only was it convenient for boaters, but the cold drinks were free all weekend long for the trial run.

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Howe2Live boating world record

Photo Credit: Howe2Live

Maine to Key West World Record

Attempting anything like boating from Maine to Key West to shatter multiple world records takes a certain spark. How about doing it all in a single weekend? Wouldn’t that be even more spectacular? Well, Howe2Live is doing exactly that and documenting their full journey in a video series.

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new advanced towing technology

Photo Credit: Boating Magazine

Advanced Towing Technology

It may have been a few years since you’ve had to purchase a new tow vehicle and if that’s the case, you likely haven’t seen some of the new advancements in trailer technology. Boating Magazine recently covered all of the new offerings including an onboard scale, backup assistance, tow/haul mode, and much more.

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Stay Tuned for our next edition featuring more of the latest boating news and marine industry announcements.

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