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The marine industry has seen a lot of recent development this month. See some of the outstanding discoveries and latest boating news below.

Photo Credit: Arc Boats

Arc Boats Expansion

Los Angeles-based Arc Boats, has rapidly gained prominence in the electric boat market, securing investments from celebrities like Will Smith and Kevin Durant. The company’s electric dayboat, the ‘Arc One,’ features a unique design with a 220 kWh battery bank and top speeds exceeding 40 mph. They plan to expand to a new 150,000 square foot facility with 80 full-time staff in 2024.

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Photo Credit: 10 News

Jeff Bezo’s $500M Yacht

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht Koru has arrived in the United States. It features many technological advancements and measures in at 417 feet long! In total it took an estimated $500 million dollars to build.

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Photo Credit: Yamaha Motor Co.

Hydrogen Powered Outboard

Yamaha Motor Co. is set to unveil a hydrogen-powered outboard prototype at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show, emphasizing the need to overcome water resistance in marine development.

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