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The marine industry has seen a lot of recent development this month. See some of the outstanding discoveries and latest boating news below.

Sunken Westmoreland shipwreck Photo Credit: Chris Roxburgh

Discovering the Westmoreland

The Westmoreland was a passenger ship that went down in Lake Michigan during a winter storm in 1854. Originally located by shipwreck diver Ross Richardson, it is possible that there is up to $900 million USD worth of treasure aboard. Click below to see what was discovered on this piece of American history.

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Heinz bottle in the sand

Photo Credit: Heinz

Heinz Lands A Helping Hand

Remember the guy who survived on ketchup for 24 days while lost at sea?… Well, Heinz was able to track him down afterward thanks to their #FindTheKetchupBoatGuy campaign. They discussed how they wanted to help support his family and even offered him a brand new boat.

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Mercury Racing Flag

Photo Credit: Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing Offers Scholarships

With an aim to support the next generation of the marine industry, Mercury Racing announced its offering a scholarship program for students that want to pursue careers in skilled trades and marine services. Read more about these scholarships by clicking below.

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Stay tuned for our next edition featuring more of the latest boating news and marine industry announcements.

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