Wavve Boating and Sea-Doo partnership

Wavve Boating Available on the 2021 Sea-Doo GTX Limited – the First Ever ‘BoatPlay’ Experience

Sea-Doo, the largest personal watercraft (PWC) manufacturer in the world, has connected with Wavve Boating, an industry-leading marine navigation app, to revolutionize the Sea-Doo dash display. Ahead of the handlebars on the new GTX Limited model, riders will find a full-color digital screen capable of running select mobile applications such as music, weather, and for navigation, Wavve Boating.

Wavve Boating, an app designed to make on the water experiences more fun with less worry, helps boaters navigate and explore with ease while connected to their boating community. Recently promoted by Apple as a “New App We Love”, this app provides intuitive, customizable nautical charts, crowdsourced points of interest, and the ability to see friends on the water. Very similar to the popular road navigation app ‘Waze,’ Wavve Boating is a community of boaters, or Sea-Doo’ers, helping other Sea-Doo’ers.

Wavve Boating will run on the Sea-Doo very much like ‘Car Play’ or ‘Android Auto’, which have been widely adopted in the automotive industry, where a driver’s phone will connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth/USB, allowing the app to run on a built-in display.

From the seat of the GTX Limited, Wavve Boating users will see their location in real-time along with other important information, such as shoal locations, water depths, and channel markers sourced from various hydrographic offices. Wavve Boating also helps riders ‘live the Sea-Doo life’ with community-centric features like crowdsourced points of interest, top rated routes, and the ability to see riding friends on the water.

“It’s an honor to work with a reputable and industry-leading company such as Bombardier Recreational Products” stated Adam Allore, Founder and CEO of Wavve Boating “Our team has worked hard to make this project a reality, and we think Wavve Boating is a great fit for Sea-Doo’ers, we can’t wait to get riders using”.

This integration of mobile technology and PWCs, supports a growing demand from first-time boat buyers, which have come to expect such advancements from other industries. PWC sales have seen a 75% increase from last year levels, and a large portion of these sales are predominantly younger first-time buyers, as reported by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Driving this unprecedented demand are hobbyists looking for available recreational activities during COVID-19 restrictions. As many have discovered, PWCs, and boating in general, provides an excellent opportunity for families to connect and relax in 2020.

The 2021 GTX Limited is available now for pre-order, and in dealer showrooms come October with a starting price of $17,999 USD. To see the app in action, watch this video from Sea-Doo. To learn more, visit sea-doo.com/us/en/sea-doo-life/sea-doo-technologies/brp-connect.

Wavve Boating is currently available for mobile use on both Apple and Android devices, and has two subscription options of $7.99/month or $45.99/year. You can visit wavveboating.com for more information, or download the app directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About Wavve Boating

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Wavve Boating (Wavve) is a mobile application designed for the recreational boater. With nautical charts from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Canadian Hydrographic Services, Wavve has been growing its consumer base across North America since May of 2018. Available on all Apple and Android devices, Wavve Boating offers a simple platform so anyone can boat like a local.