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Kingston, ON June 19, 2020 Wavve Boating, a mobile application designed to make on the water experiences more fun with less worry, are doing their part to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the boating community by releasing a new solution for publishing and sharing user-curated content.

As with most all areas of life, COVID-19 significantly disrupted the boating market – from avoiding non-essential travel to marina closures and new social distancing protocols – boater behaviors were forced to change. As a community that is built on a shared passion, lending a hand (or a line), and “dock talk”, the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 are forcing all involved in the industry to change and adapt, just as the rest of the world is.

With more people hopping on devices and using digital solutions to stay connected, the team at Wavve Boating recognized they could do their part to help boaters connect by bringing some of the best parts of cruising to their communities through their enhanced crowd-sourced mapping feature. The newly redeveloped feature allows boaters to share their favorite spots including beaches, restaurants, scenic lookouts, and more on the app, creating a digital alternative for capturing the same helpful information one would typically learn from a fellow boater closer than six feet away while fueling up, stopping in for a bite, or sitting dockside.

With the app in hand, boaters can build custom maps with an infinite number of points of interest and choose whether to keep their contributions private, share them with friends, or make them public for the entire community. Other Wavve Boating users can explore waterways new and old while checking out all the best local spots and plotting their next trip from the comfort of their bow, or home.

Prior to March, the recreational boating market was projected to be a 28 billion dollar industry by 2024. There are an estimated 142 million Americans boating each year, and approximately 15.8 million recreational boats within the United States. The team at Wavve Boating is expecting the recent COVID-19 pandemic to encourage more people to take up boating as a hobby as it’s a great way to be outdoors while staying safe.

“It’s important to the team and I that we support the boating community and our users this summer and do what we can to keep everyone connected while they can’t be together,” says Adam Allore, Founder and CEO of Wavve Boating, “as the world becomes increasingly comfortable with digital technology as a means of maintaining their social circles, we’ll continue to innovate to help serve boater needs and keep the community thriving.”

Wavve Boating is available on Apple and Android devices and has two subscription options of $7.99/month or $45.99/year. You can visit for more information, or download the app directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About Wavve Boating

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Wavve Boating (Wavve) is a mobile application designed for the recreational boater. With nautical charts from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Canadian Hydrographic Services, Wavve has been growing its consumer base across North America since May of 2018. Available on all Apple and Android devices, Wavve offers a simple platform so anyone can boat like a local.