A new app from Kingston-based start-up Wavve Boating takes a modern spin on nautical charts

Wavve Boating Inc., a Kingston-based start-up striving to bring the boating industry into the present with simple, intuitive, and community-oriented solutions has launched its first mobile app in the Apple Store.

The app offers three key features - customized charts, easy-to-use navigation, and community-generated map pins. These features contribute to boaters experiencing more enjoyment and less stress while out on the open water.

With government chart data available for all major bodies of water across Canada and the United States, the Wavve app represents a marked shift from treating - and selling - sections of waterways as individual parcels. “Despite the fact that technology now enables data to be spliced, manipulated and filtered, the digital experience offered through apps such as Navionics and BlueChart is entirely representative of the paper versions that have existed for decades,” said Adam Allore, founder of Wavve Boating Inc. “Their interfaces feel no less cluttered or confusing. Meanwhile, we use these amazing land-based solutions like Google Maps and Waze every day; it was clear to me the market was ready for a dose of innovation.”

A mechanical engineer by trade, Adam Allore grew up on the St. Lawrence River and has seen first-hand how easily a nice day on the water can turn disastrous. As part of a large network of boaters, he recognizes that the average boat owner isn’t looking for intricate depth sounding data, integrated weather information, or advanced route planning. A stress- free, relaxing trip from point A to point B is the ultimate goal.

The Wavve app includes all Canadian and American chart data for a monthly subscription of just 99 cents and, most importantly, it redraws the navigation experience based on a vessel’s draft - meaning the map will look very different for a sailboat with a 5 foot keel than for a small fishing boat that will only hit bottom in six inches of water. The application also uses familiar Apple gestures to manipulate the map – zooming in and out and altering the pitch with ease.

In addition to offering a modernized navigation experience, Wavve is the first service of its kind to incorporate community contributions to improve the collective boating experience. “Being on the water isn’t like being on land. There’s no street signs or traffic lights or even a clear right way to travel. The ability for users to share their knowledge, help others learn from their mistakes, and generally make the water a safer and more enjoyable place is something everyone can get on board for. What’s also cool? Being able to meet up with friends on the water without exchanging 10 phone calls or texts because you can see exactly where they are on the map.”

The company also plans to follow in the footsteps of today’s most successful businesses by leveraging the data they collect to optimize customer experiences. “With enough data and insights collected from our users, we someday want to be able to offer a water-based navigational tool that offers the same accuracy and clarity we experience from land-based apps”, says Mr. Allore. “This would mean that we could help a user clearly see the fastest and safest route for them to get to a destination by water and the estimated time to do so, customized to their type of vessel’s draft and personal driving preferences.”

The app launches in the United States on September 14, in Newport, Rhode Island at the Newport International Boat Show where Wavve Boating has been selected to compete in the navigation category of the prestigious Newport for New Products program. Visit wavve.ca for more information or visit the App Store to download the app and get a 14 day free trial.

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About Wavve Boating

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Wavve Boating (Wavve) is a mobile application designed for the recreational boater. With nautical charts from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Canadian Hydrographic Services, Wavve has been growing their consumer base across North America since May of 2018. Available on all Apple and Android devices, Wavve offers a simple platform so anyone can boat like a local. For more information visit https://wavveboating.com.

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