Are you a boat owner in Australia looking to turn your vessel into a source of income? Learn 10 fantastic ways to make money with your boat in this comprehensive guide, courtesy of our friends at MatesBoat. From private fishing charters and sightseeing adventures, to photography cruises and water sport activities, discover how to reduce the costs of boat ownership and even claim tax incentives. Explore a range of opportunities to share your love for the sea and unlock the full potential of your boat, all while enjoying the open water and making a profit. Join the MatesBoat community and register your interest in these exciting ventures today!

A few of our favorite ways that MatesBoat helps owners make extra money are:

1. Private Fishing Charters:

Offer private fishing charters with your boat, featuring a Master with local knowledge and expertise. Avoid the issues of commercial charters and provide a premium, enjoyable fishing experience for both locals and tourists. You can use the Wavve Boating App to see the top-rated fishing spots in your area to quickly chart the perfect day on the water.

Fishing Charter Boat

2. Sunset Cruises:

Create memorable experiences for tourists by offering enchanting sunset cruises. Couples seeking a romantic outing can enjoy the tranquillity of the setting sun, champagne, and hand-crafted cuisine. With the Wavve Boating App at your side, you can quickly (and easily) see local weather conditions including wind and tides, to ensure your Sunset Cruise is always at its best!

Sunset Cruise on Boat

3. ‘BareBoat’ Rentals:

Make the most sought-after boat experience available on MatesBoat™. Rent your boat to approved Mates and generate passive income. With meticulous onboarding and the right insurance, this is a lucrative way to offset boat ownership costs while potentially benefiting from tax deductions.

Mates Boat Rental

4. Water Sport Activities:

Cater to the needs of holidaymakers around lakes, rivers, and bays who are looking for water sport experiences. Many Airbnb guests are eager to find a way to enjoy the water. Solve this problem by providing a fun-filled day on the water for them and their families.

Watersports on Boat

5. Diving Adventures:

Don’t overlook the diving market. If you’re already heading out for a dive, find paying Mates who want to join your underwater exploration. It’s a fantastic way to earn extra income while sharing your passion for diving.

Diving in Ocean

These are just a few of our favorites! For even more inspiration and tips, please be sure to check out the full article.

By exploring these opportunities, you can not only make money with your boat but also create memorable experiences for others. Join the MatesBoat community and register your interest to embark on these exciting ventures. Just ensure you comply with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Requirements for a safe and enjoyable journey.

If you’d like to learn more about the boating destinations in your area, and see ratings from locals, be sure to take advantage of your 14-day free trial in the Wavve Boating App.