Fishing enthusiasts, get ready to reel in the knowledge you need for successful fishing adventures in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria’s aquatic paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, understanding the best times to fish, the species you can target, and the ideal bait and boat ramps are essential for a great catch.

Our friends at MatesBoat have put together an excellent guide. We’ll recap some of the topics from that article, but we definitely recommend you check out the full story before heading out on your next fishing adventure.

What Species of Fish to Target in Port Phillip Bay?

  • Pink Snapper: Abundant between October and February.
  • King George Whiting: Best targeted between December and March, often found in shallower waters near sandbanks and seagrass.
  • Flathead: Abundant year-round but peak from October to April, found in sandy or muddy areas.
  • Australian Salmon: Available from March to September, known for their intense fight. Look for them in large schools chasing baitfish.
  • Squid: Available year-round, particularly active during dawn and dusk.

For more details, including bait recommendations for each fish, be sure to check out the full article at MatesBoat.

What Time of Year to Go Fishing in Port Phillip Bay?

  • Spring: Ideal for Pink Snapper and Yellow Eye Mullet.
  • Summer: King George Whiting and Squid are at their best.
  • Autumn: Snapper leave but Flathead, Squid, and Whiting are still productive.
  • Winter: Pinkies, Flathead, Australian Salmon, Squid, and Whiting thrive.

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The Best Boat Launching Ramps in Port Phillip Bay:

  • Sorrento Boat Ramp: Located on the bay’s eastern side, offering access to the southern part of the bay and Bass Strait.
  • Williamstown Boat Ramp: Situated on the bay’s western side, providing access to the inner bay and Melbourne CBD.
  • Blairgowrie Boat Ramp: Located on the southern peninsula, ideal for smaller boats and access to the bay and Bass Strait.

Remember to prioritize safety, choose launching spots according to your experience level, and ensure your boat’s capabilities align with your chosen fishing location. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer the late afternoon, Port Phillip Bay has something to offer year-round for avid anglers. So, grab your gear and head out for some unforgettable fishing experiences! 🎣

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