Mates Boat Rental Australia

Australia, with its vast and diverse coastline, offers a wealth of recreational boating opportunities that can turn your dreams of cruising on the open water into a reality. Whether you’re an experienced boater or a novice looking to explore Australia’s stunning waters, renting a boat can be the key to unlocking unforgettable adventures. In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits and options for renting a boat in Australia, catering to recreational boaters looking to set sail on their next journey.

Navigating Australian Waters

Australia’s extensive coastline spans a variety of climatic regions and diverse weather conditions with varying tidal waters. The country’s waters can be subject to sudden changes in weather, strong winds, and unpredictable currents, so staying informed about the conditions is crucial for your safety.

Familiarise yourself with Australia’s maritime laws and regulations, including speed limits, safety equipment requirements, and any specific rules or restrictions in the area you plan to navigate. Knowing local markers, lights, and buoys is essential for safe navigation.

How Can The Wavve Boating Help?

Wavve Boating has you covered in a simple to use mobile app. Check your vessel’s real time speed and know water depths, hazards and the safest navigational paths to take.

You can get rid of complicated nautical charts and get the latest technologically advanced GPS boating app. With Wavve Boating you have all the nautical information at your fingertips including navigation and weather. Be sure to take advantage of your 14-day free trial to learn more about these features first-hand.

Community Minded

With the community generated trips function, you can easily share your favorite boating destinations with family and friends. You can also view your friend’s location on the water, making a water catch up easy and convenient. Boaters also love the ability to populate the map with fishing, sightseeing and other destinations for others to see and use.

You can also create “Boat Trails” that others can follow which is an awesome feature for Mates renting a boat allowing them to have predetermined routes that are safe.

For example: if you are planning a boating trip to Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia you could have a predetermined trip saved. The map could guide you to the Portsea Pier or to Chinamans hat to visit the seals or any other point of interest you choose.

If you are after an awesome fishing spot to catch prized Snapper then you could look for spots marked by the community or have your own personally marked locations!

Crowdsourced data allows the community knowledge base to expand rapidly to help all boaties find points of interest or fishing locations.

Custom Design For Your Boat

When setting up your boat in the app you have the ability to include the draft, also known as the depth, of your boat. Including the draft of your boat is an important step to ensure the waters you are traveling into are deep enough so your boat doesn’t “bottom-out”. The Wavve Boating App is able to calculate the depth of the water using live tidal data and by using the draft you have entered, provide a safe passage. This type of feature is extremely important for boaties who are entering waters with limited or no knowledge of the area. Next time you’re visiting or on holiday, boat with confidence knowing the Wavve Boating App has your back.


You can directly connect the app to your SeaDoo with BRP connect via your smartphone. You can then see the maps displayed on your dash providing real time information about your location and water hazards. You can access the main functions of the app via the BRP Connect controls, so you don’t have to take your hands off the handle bars. Riding with friends has never been easier!

Rent A Boat and use Wavve Boat App

Renters get the opportunity to select a route and to know they are going to get the most out of their rental ensuring they get to see as much as possible. They can also pick out predetermined fishing locations and opportunities to see marine life such as dolphins and seals.

Owners have the ability to provide suitable trip suggestions ensuring their clients have an awesome boating experience. By using the My Fleet icon you can add your renters information so you can monitor them via the app. If there’s a breakdown or other incident you will know exactly where the boat is.

For more information about boat rentals in Australia and other awesome local tips, be sure to check out MatesBoat ( They provide Australia’s most trusted peer-to-peer boat rental site, and can help visitors and locals alike make the most of their time on the water. Be safe and have fun!

Ready to plan you next trip? Check out the Wavve Boating App to make your experience easier than ever! Discover the best places to boat and easiest directions to get there. Learn more about the Wavve Community in the app and be sure to take advantage of your 14-day free trial.

Mates Boat Rental Australia